Picture of Event: Classic Blackout - dinning in the dark

Classic Blackout - dinning in the dark

The Blackout Restaurant - Nalaga'at Center, Jaffa Port
Wednesday, October 02 2019 18:30
Event duration 120 minutes
price 130 ₪

About the event

Please read carfully all the information before making a reservation


General information 

6:30 pm - dinner at the Blackout restaurant.


What is included:

Bread & dips, main course and desert for each guest.


Unique table arrangements: 

The seating arrangements in our restaurant are not very flexible: since our waiters are blind or visually impaired the tables are set accessibly ahead of time for their benefit.

Therefore there are certain situations when a table of up to 7 guests will dine together with other guests.

In addition a table of 7 guests and more might be divided into several tables and not be seated at the same table. 

We assure you this will not affect your experience or make it less powerful.


What is allowed or prohibited inside the blackout.

There is no light inside the restaurant; therefore entering with phones, watches or other shiny objects is strictly prohibited.
Prior to your entry you will receive a lock & key for a personal locker where you can store your personal belongings.
The key will stay with you during your entire stay. We recommend bringing warm clothing; it might be chilly inside (at all seasons).


How do I get to the Na Laga’at Center?

Our address is:

The Na Laga’at Center, Ratzif HaAliya Hashnia, Jaffa Port


Jaffa port parking

There is free public parking, and it is very important to be here on time.


Are we Kosher? 

The Blackout Restaurant is a kosher dairy restaurant under the Kashrut of the Rabbinate of Tel Aviv.


The price doesn't include service


The Blackout Restaurant, located at the Jaffa Port, invites you to an exceptional culinary experience that will trigger your mind and senses.

When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food sharpens.
While in total darkness you will be served various dishes by the restaurant's blind and visually impaired staff. 
Dining at the "Blackout" dark restaurant is one of the four outstanding experiences offered to the visitors of the “Nalaga’at” Center. the NLG Theater, distinguished from other cultural centers with its deaf-blind actor ensemble, one of its kind in the world. The "Kapish" events center and Workshop center, all employed by deaf, hearing impaired, blind and visually impaired individuals.

We shall be pleased to see you among our guests.


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